Bridal Tasting

Of course there is plenty of room to discuss your wishes during a bridal tasting.
We are very happy to make an appointment to get to know you and to discuss your wishes during a personal conversation.

During the tasting you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, and taste 8 different fillings of your choice.

This can be 4 creams and 4 jam fillings, but another combination is possible as well
Under the
Fillings tab, you will find various options.

On the airy biscuit, the base of the cake, you can combine the different fillings together to find the best flavor combination for your cake.
With this combination your wedding cake will eventually be filled.

After tasting, we will start working on the design of the cake.
We will discuss all your ideas and wishes and together we look at the various options 
to come to the perfect cake for your most beautiful day.
When needed, a quick sketch will be made of your wedding cake design.

When you have already seen cakes that appeal to you, you can also bring your own images or send them to us by email beofre the tasting.

A tasting takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, the costs for this are € 25.00 for 2 people.

Within a few days after our meeting we will send you our specified quote by email.
To make an apointment for a tasting, you can fill in the contact form or send an email to info@opentoptaart.nl