Wedding cake info

Wedding Cake information

A personal, hand-decorated wedding cake requires a lot of preparation and time.
Therefore we only take on a limited number of assignments every week so that we can give your wedding cake our undivided attention.

Every cake is unique and completely handmade, so the final price depends on various factors.
Ao the design, number of servings, difficulty, and desired decoration (eg ruffles and sugar flowers) will influence the price.

We make wedding cakes, starting from 25 people.
(A smaller cake as part of a complete sweet table or combination with a cupcake-, or macaroon tower is also possible.)

All our wedding cakes are generously filled with delicious artisan fillings,
masked with white chocolate ganache from Belgian Callebaut chocolate *,
coated and decorated with the best quality fondant and presented on a beautifully finished cake drum.

* Masking with milk or dark chocolate ganache is also possible on request for a small extra charge.

Even if ou want a cake without fondant, we offer various options such as
a "Naked"-, "Semi-Naked"-, or Buttercream Cake. Or a cake masked with chocolate ganache in a colour of your choice.



Naked-, and Semi-naked Wedding Cakes from 6,00 p.p.
Buttercream Wedding cakes from 6
,50 p.p.
Fondant covered and decorated Wedding cakes from 7,50 p.p.

* If you have a large group (100 people or more), the price p.p. can be lower, we are happy to make you a customized offer *

These prices include a delicious artisanal filling in a flavor combination entirely to your liking.
A surcharge applies for the use of fresh fruit, chocolate and caramel shavings or liqueur.
More information about the different options can be found under the Fillings tab.

If you are interested in a wedding cake, we would love to receive you for a tasting.



Do you want more information regarding costs, availability and possibilities?
Send us an email at or complete our contact form.
We like to think along with you!


Op en Top Taart will gladly deliver your wedding cake (if desired) yourself, which will save you a lot of worries.
We ensure contact with the location and ensure that the wedding cake will be delivered to the location well in time.
Within Krimpen aan den IJssel the delivery costs are 5, -
Outside Krimpen aan den IJssel, the delivery costs are 0.75 per kilometre driven with a minimum of 15,-




Storage & Freezing

The ideal temperature for a cake with a fondant is around 15 degrees.
Depending on the filling used, a cake with a fondant can be left outside of the cooling for a longer period of time.

For wedding cakes we only use fillings that can be kept outside the fridge for a longer period of time.
This allows everyone to admire the cake on your most beautiful day before slicing.
Also, not every location has access to cooling that is spacious enough for a wedding cake.

Is there any cake left after your festive day? Or do you want to save the cake for the first wedding day?
According to an old superstition this brings good luck and a loving marriage!

A cake with fondant can be frozen very well.
Put the cake in a cardboard (cake) box with a plastic bag in the freezer.
To defrost the cake, place it 24 hours before slicing in the tin box, but without the plastic bag in the refrigerator.
This allows the cake to thaw quietly and part of the condensation is absorbed by the box.
An hour before slicing, the cake can be removed from the box and can "dry" in a cool place outside the refrigerator.

If you have a (semi) naked wedding cake, we advise you not to freeze it for more than a few weeks.
Because this is not enclosed by a fondant, the cake will dry out after a while, just like bread.


* All the above prices are in €, including VAT and are subject to typos and price changes.