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A personal, hand-decorated cake requires a lot of preparation and time.
Every cake is unique and completely tailor-made for you, so the final price depends on several things s.a. the cake design, the number of people, the desired decoration and the chosen fillings.

We make party cakes starting from 20 servings.

Our party cakes are masked with a white chocolate ganache, stand on a neatly finished cake drum and are decorated with fondant.
Masking with milk or dark chocolate ganache is also possible at an additional cost.

♥ Our Party cakes start at 5,50 p.p. 

This price includes a filling of several layers of light cream and jam in a flavor of your choiche.
A surcharge applies for some fillings.
More information about the options can be found under the fillings tab.

If you are interested in a cake, you will receive a specified quote from us without any obligation.




The ideal temperature for a cake with fondant or marzipan is around 15 degrees.
Depending on the filling used, a cake covered with fondant can be left outside the fridge for a longer peroiod of time.
We only use fillings that can be kept outside the fridge, this allows you to to present the cake for everyone to admire it before cutting it.

 If there are any left overs from the cake, it must be kept in the refrigerator because the preservative effect of the covering fondant is then broken. 


A (part of a) cake with fondant / marzipan can be frozen easily.
Put the cake in a cardboard box, cover it with a plastic bag and put it in the freezer.

To defrost the cake, take of the plastic bag and place the box with the cake in the refrigerator 24 hours before cutting it.
This allows the cake to thaw slowly.
An hour before cutting the cake you can take it out of the box and let it "dry" on the kitchencounter.
* All prices include VAT and are subject to typing errors and price changes.