Contact details

Due to personal health issues we won't be able to take on any new orders at this time.
If you have questions about booked orders , you can currently only reach us by email on


Important information for collecting orders!

We do not have a store and we are only available on appointment.

Please note that there is a sign with "Op en Top Taart" in the window.

Unfortunately navigation systems and Google maps are incorrect.

At the last instruction drive 1 exit further than indicated and you will arrive at the correct parking place.
At the
back right you can walk through a path and you will find our house on your right.

Address Op en Top Taart

Narcis 51
2925XC Krimpen aan den IJssel

COC.: 60854510




Due to personal health issues you can only reach us by email currently at
We will reply as soon as possible.





Vanwege persoonlijke gezondheidsredenen zijn wij momenteel uitsluitend via email bereikbaar