Sweets Info

Sweets Information

The final price of the sweets depends on the quantity and desired decoration
For a complete Sweettable we are happy to make a customized offer.

For a combined sweettable or a combination with cake,
Regular cupcakes, Candy Apples & Large Magnum cake sticks go with a minimum of 6 pieces per type.
The other Sweets go with a minimum of 12 pieces per type.

Are you looking for a different sweet treat? Feel free to let us know and we will look into the possibilities!

Mini cupcakes from 2,00 p.pc. 
Gewone cupcakes from 3,50 p.pc. 
Cupcakes to be filled with cream or jam 0,25 p.pc.

Macaroons from 2,00 p.pc. 
Small macaroontower (6 tiers, 95 macaroons) from 175,- 
Medium macarootoren (8 lagen, 160 macaroons) from 285,- 
Large macaroontoren (10 lagen, 235 macaroons) from 375,- 
You can choose from several flavours suchs as  strawberrie, forest fruits, raspberry, lemon, cherry, caramel, white/brown chocolate, espresso, etc. etc.
(min. 12 per colour/flavour)

Cakepops from 3,00 p.pc.
Bride & Groom Cakepops from 3,50 p.pc.
Decorated dummie for presentation of the cakepops from 10,- p.pc.
Matching bow on the cakepop stick 0,25 p.pc.
You can choose from vanilla, chocolate, red velvet or almond cake  (min. 12 per colour/flavour)

IJscream cakepops
Icecream cakepops  from 3,50 p.pc.

Mini Cakesticks from 3,50 p.pc.
Large Cakesticks from 4,50 p.pc.

Mini Donuts from 2,50 p.pc.
Large Donuts from 3,50 p.pc.

Candy Apples
Candy Apples from 3,50 p.pc.

Cookies decorated with fondant from 3,00 p.pc. 
Cookies decorated with royal icing from 4,00 p.pc. 
(exact prices depend on the difficulty of the design and the number of colours)

Brownies from 2,00 p.pc.

Petit Fours
Petit Fours from 3,00 p.pc.

Chocolate Strawberries
Chocolate strawberries from 2,00 p.pc. 

Profiteroles tower
Profiteroles tower (30-35 pcs) from 40,- p.pc. 


* For painting Sweets with gold or silver a surcharge of 0.25 / pc applies.

It is also possible to wrap sweets individually as a thank you-gift for your guests.
There is a surcharge for this, which depends on the desired packaging and workability.

*All the above prices are in €, incl. VAT and subject to typing errors and price changes.